About Us

Who are we?
HK Our Electronics is a high-tech enterprise manufacturing and selling electronic products. We specialize in the field of hidden and mini cameras, sports cameras, hunting cameras, magnetic heads, reading and other types of electronic devices.
Our portfolio
For the manufacturing of our products we use the most sophisticated solutions such as Umbrella, Novatec, Allwinner, Sunplus, Annika, etc. Our production line of sports cameras is a symbol of superb quality and reliability.
We were the first company in the world to create magnetic heads with a thickness of less than 0.5 mm.
We have introduced ISO 9002 and BSCI quality management systems and have been awarded CE.FCC, ROHS certificates which are recognized worldwide.
What do we offer?
Along with electronics, we also offer the best and the most technologically advanced solution available on the market. You can count on the uncompromising quality created by the innovators at the electronics industry!
Our development
Our product range is being constantly expanded and optimized in line with the market’s changing needs. Over the last couple of years, HK Our Electronics managed to achieve a tremendous development of its manufacturing process by employing state-of-the-art technology, thus meeting the ever growing worldwide demand for our products. We have proved ourselves as a synonym for a quality product in the field of hi-tech electronics manufacturers and for the end user, as well.
Our mission
Our main mission is to satisfy the high demands of all of our customers. For us, the people and the businesses that trust our company are not only clients but also friends, who know that they can always rely on us. The personal attention paid to each of our users is of utmost importance to us. We are confident in the quality of our goods, and we offer a peace of mind to anyone who chooses the products of HK Our Electronics.
Our goal is to provide the customers with the best product at the best price!